Today’s electronic access management systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. Businesses require a security solution that gives them the control and information they need to run more efficiently whilst protecting people, premises and assets. Our electronic access control systems offer multiple capabilities to do this by allowing the right people access to your business at the right time. Access Control Systems restrict ingress and egress and keep track of access by different personnel and visitors through controlled entry and exit points. We offer top of the range access control systems from the basic standalone units to sophisticated multisite access control systems that can be managed as centralized or distributed systems. Our system can combine the security and management features of electronic access control systems with the benefits of improving workforce productivity, people and asset management, time recording and human resource planning.

Key Benefits:

Security and convenience instead of control and surveillance, ensures security whilst providing freedom of movement for authorized personnel Replaces the need for mechanical keys Enables the control of not only who enters an area, but when they can enter it Due to the flexibility of it’s modular system any solution can be tailored to suit your particular needs.